In capital there passes an exhibition of a retro of automobiles « Ilya Sorokina's Oldtimer-gallery »

The third day in Moscow passes 13 annual show of a retro of machines - Ilya Sorokina's Олдтаймер-gallery. One of the biggest stands at an exhibition is devoted авто times of 2-nd World war. However, the exhibition can brag not only means of transportation on four wheels. So, for example, organizers have presented unique floating machine Studebaker M29C Weasel. Distinctive this feature гусенечной amphibians is that in носовую and its(her) fodder part special floats were mounted. With their help the device had an opportunity to keep on water. During war it has been let out(it has been released) only 15.000 Студебекеров. But this conveyor began one of few, various countries used by armies down to 1984. Is in an exposition and cargo Dodge WC-63 - those machines to the USSR 300 pieces on ленд-лизу have been delivered. During war they served as artillery tractors.